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So many firsts part 3 - Final

By Deepprobsix - Dec 4, 2006 - From story- series. Sex Story Series - Views - 6280 So the following morning our last of our long weekend we all had breakfast and the girls went out shopping , Us boys sat around (naked) just talking about what had gone on the weekend so far , Most of the conversation was centred around Pat due to the fact this was the first time she had ever seen a man Naked, And the fact that we all three of us had unleashed a sexy beast within her , They could just not get there head round that my wife had only ever had me and no-one else in her life yet here she was this weekend getting fuck by three men including myself and two other women and loving every minute of it.
Graham ask me if Pat’s arse was saw this morning after he rammed her full of his monster 10” X 5” thick cock I said that she had said she was ok this morning and felt that having John up there first to ease her arse open helped, We all laugh, I carried on to say that I had never seen such a beautiful sight as when Graham’s cock entered her fanny when I was holding open her pussy lips open for him, I went on I just can not work out where all the fucking cock goes when you put it inside her, god she is only short it must reach up beside her heart.
We had more wine and Graham turned to me as said have you ever had a man take you then Peter, I thing I must have looked surprised at Graham’s question as John said by your look I take it it’s a no then. What not even sucked you off , No I said as I have never had group sex before this weekend you lot are the first men I have been with I have had some girls before Pat but as it has only ever been me and her since we got together I have never been with men and women undress if you know what I mean . So it is not just a first for Pat but me as well in that I have been naked with other men.
“Anyway I went on” have you two then “O” yes they both said together, we have had each other , I turned to John what you’ve taken Graham’s monster up your arse John yes said John it hurt like hell at first I can tell you but it was a great feeling once I got use to it Just like Pat last night, You could see and hear how much it hurt her at first but once the pain goes off it feels great , You heard Pat telling Graham to shove it in as hard as he could once she was use to it.
Yea I know she enjoyed it and wants more tonight as this will be our last night here for a while, John got up and put on a porno film for us to watch, While watching the film and drinking wine we sat there slowly stroking our cocks, I was sat in the middle of the other two and with out warning Graham put his hand around my cock and started to very slowly wank me, I looked at him and he just smiled back and said enjoy it peter .
I must admit it did feel nice to have a mans hand round my rock hard cock I lied my head back and closed my eyes. I then opened then when I felt a pair of lips fold round the top of my cock and suck the head into a mouth, it was john that had lent over while Graham was still holding on to my cock. John then stood and faced away from me and got between my legs and sat in my lap Graham put my cock head against Johns arse as he sat down and my cock slid into John , Graham moved his hand away and John slid com completely down on my cock until it was full in him.
He now started to ride my cock Graham got up and went round to the front of John and knelt between his legs and took his cock into his mouth given him a blow job while he rode my cock.
After a while Graham stood up then John they pulled me up of the sofa and over to the table where they told me to bend over the table so my cock was just off the edge hanging down , John got behind me and Graham under me , He took my cock into his mouth while John put some KY jell on my arse and over his dick, We will do this the same as we done with Pat he said me first then the big one, I just nodded and John ran the head of his cock up and down my arse crack pushing gently every time he past my hole, then with one gentle push the head entered my hole and there was a small amount of pain but not that much.
John pushed on and soon he was fully in and his balls were hard against my legs , I could feel graham sucking my balls and johns from under the table , John slide back until the head of his cock was just about to come out and without warning rammed it home fully his body banging into my pushing me forward and my cock further into grahams mouth.
After a while the feeling going though me were fantastic it was now me saying Harder John Harder please. John then withdrew his cock and I knew it was time for the big one to try to enter me. John got down on the floor and I got behind him and slid my cock into were it had already been earlier. Graham then placed lube over my now open hole and was rubbing lube onto now very hard Cock.
Just as he was putting his cock onto my hole the front door opened and in walked the girls Pat’s Mouth just dropped open when she saw me with my cock buried deep in johns arse and Graham just about to plant his in mine. The other two said god you could have waited for us Graham turned and said well we wanted to give Peter the same as we gave poor old Pat last night we though it only far that Pat took this up the arse why should Peter get away with it, Pat said sounds far to me she carried on to say have you fucked him yet then, Graham replied John has just like you to get him ready for this one looking at his cock as he said it.
While this was being said the girls had striped off Karen slid under John from the side and took his cock into her mouth and Lyn was lying in front of John so he could lick her pussy Pat came over and said well I should do for you what Peter did for me and she placed a hand on each of my bum cheeks and pulled them apart so Graham could get to my hole with ease.
Graham replaced the big purple head of his rock hard cock against my arse and place a bit of pressure on it , He lent forward more and more pushing harder and harder until the head popped into me there was one sharp pain as it did so, I shouted Fuck from under John came the words “O” your in then Graham, Only the head he replied, Feels like a fucking tree trunk I said , Now you know how I felt Pat smiled at me , Graham pushed forward once now his cock filling a place that had never been filled before on and on it went 6” then 7” I was shouting Stop Graham Stop it hurts to much He pulled back a bit which eased of the pain a bit and he just held it there the pain went away and I nodded to him it was now ok and before I stopped nodding he rammed the last 4 “ into me slamming his body against me force me into John. I was shouting Fuck O Fuck you bastard fuck that hurts, But with out stopping Graham started to pump slowly back and forth into me, Now he was inside me and Pat had seen him take my cherry she looked at me and said now were even and smiled finishing with Enjoy it I know I fucking well did.
She then got down between Karen’s Legs and started to lick her out while fucking her with three fingers, Now graham was fucking my arse slowly and the pain was going slowly he was pulling out so the tip of his cock was just in then slowly entering it back to the hilt. Slowly he started to pick up speed getting harder and harder with his thrust’s and with every thrust it was getting easer to take and I was starting to enjoy it and was starting to push back as he thrust forward, My cock still embedded into John. On and On we pumped and the girls were still sucking out each other and Karen still had John’s cock down her eager throat, when I could feel Graham’s cock starting to swell and knew it would not be many more strokes before he emptied his lot into my virgin bum.
I felt his hand grip my waist and new that I was now going to get the last thrust as he came and I was not wrong, He forced forward while pulling me back and it felt as if he had added another inch or so to that already monster cock as it exploded inside me , I could fell it pumping and throbbing inside me and though God if this is what a woman feels when a man cum’s inside her no wonder they love it. I could feel his sticky hot cum shooting out the end of his cock filling my insides with warmth it felt wonderful.
I pushed back on Grahams cock as it finished empting into me and felt him start to push back and forth again to make sure he had emptied out com completely inside me. I turn I did the same to John as I pulled him back onto my now throbbing cock as I filled his insides with cum , and I knew how and what he was feeling. Graham pulled out of me and his cum ran from my bum Pat got up and went round and started to lick it up , licking my bum as his cum ran out then she done something she had never done before she pushed her tongue into my anus trying to get more of Graham’s cum out she then entered a finger into me and lick that,
I had never seen my wife so eager to get it some cum, My cock now softening popped out of John and Pat pulled me down on the floor and clasped her mouth round my soft cock and licked and sucked on my cock getting what she could out of it, Graham got behind her and shoved three fingers into her wet and dripping fanny making her clasp her mouth round my cock even harder. He then placed two fingers from his other hand in her arse and she took then with no problem I could feel her pushing herself back onto them as she sucked my cock even harder.
I could see that John now had his cock buried deep within Lyn and Karen was sitting over Lyn’s face having have pussy well and truly eaten out.
I then heard Karen scream out as she orgasmed into Lyn’s mouth and could hear Lyn drinking her juices as fast as she could John then said “O” Fuck Yesssss as he buried his cum deep within Lyn’s pussy filling her up and I though yes I now know what that feels like to have a cock pump cum into you.
Pat was the only one of us that had not come yet and the others must have worked that out to as John came over and put three fingers into her pouting arse taking over from Grahams, Graham was still pumping three or four fingers into her soaking fanny.
Lyn lied on her back one side of Pat and Karen the other and they both slid under her so they could take a breast each and started to suck on then and biting her nipples , This made Pat life her head from my now hard cock and scream out Fucking hell , God I have never felt anything like this before, Yes , Yes , Yes she was panting out in short breaths
“O” Fuck Yes , Please Don’t stop , They had no intention of stopping has harder and harder Graham and John were pushing there fingers into my hot and horny wife , Ly and Karen was biting and sucking her tits even harder .
Pat wife could hold non no longer as the biggest orgasm she has ever had when though her she was screaming out at the top of her voice “Yes Yes O My God Yes More More Yes More she was shaking all over as wave after wave ripped though her until she could cum no more , Lyn took hold of Grahams Fingers pulling them from Pat and licked them clean and they stared to fuck each other Lyn on Top of Graham,
Karen did the same to John pulling his fingers from my now worn out wife his hand soaked in her cum, she lick his hand dry and they to went across ed the room and stated to make love to each other this time John taking Karen from behind,
I rolled Pat over and she has this smile of contentment a crossed her face as I have never seen before I got between her legs and wanted to lick her clean from her anus and her pussy as she had licked out my anus earlier. I slowly licked her and kissed her pussy then worked my way up her body until I slowly entered my cock into her, Her fanny hole was now wide with the force of all the attention it had just that my cock just slid into her and we all made slow passionate love to our own partners.
It was a weekend we remember for the rest of our lives and we hope that we will be back for more of this some time soon.

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