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Life After Kids - A True Story

By Liz Foster - May 4, 2005 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 3154 It was still early, about seven thirty. The children and my husband had already left for school and work. It was a beautiful warm spring day; birds singing, the sky a bright blue and the temperature in the low 70's with just a light breeze.
I was still in my bathrobe and slippers; normally I would be the first one up and dressed. I'm not boasting, that's just how it is when you're a mom and a wife. But that morning I admit I was feeling a bit lazy for some reason. Even though I was the first one up, I was the last one to shower or get dressed that day. I just couldn't resist the temptation to go out onto the patio with my morning coffee and paper and relax. The house was quiet; I was alone and felt no rush about getting into my daily housework.
I was on my way back into the house for more coffee when I heard the phone ring. Answering it, I recognized the voice of AC, an older black man whom I was casually acquainted with because he worked at our local supermarket. I had gotten to know him somewhat because I did my weekly grocery shopping at that store week after week. We'd never had any serious conversations or even had a cup of coffee together before, just simple frivolous conversations like strangers can have at a store.
He said, "Would you mind if I stop over for coffee, maybe more, about eleven; that is if you don't mind?"
I thought about his request as we talked, I knew what might happen if I were to agree to his request. I just wasn't sure if I wanted to have him over for coffee or to get more involved with him than I already was. Yet I couldn't stop some naughty speculations from floating across my mind. After all, I was a married woman with kids. I thought about how best to handle this.
When the conversation seemed to be drawing to a close I said, "Well I need to get going, it was nice talking to you AC." Then he asked, "Don't you want me to come over?"
This forced me to respond to his earlier request, which I had to this point ignored. "Yes I do, it's just that I have so much to do around the house today." I hesitated for a minute and then added what I felt was a safe response. "I guess it'll be okay to see you for a while but remember I need to get get out and run some errands today."
For some reason I didn't want my neighbor Karen to see my friend arrive so I suggested he park in the driveway at the back of the house and come to the side door. I felt that it was essential for me to be as discreet as possible; the last thing I wanted was for my husband to find out or the neighbors to see me having guests who they weren't familiar with. I wasn't sure what would happen, but I was sure that if someone saw a strange man come to the house when they knew my husband was at work, someone might spill the beans.
Because I was a stay at home mom with the house all to myself, maybe I was bored or just had too much free time on my hands. Or maybe I was just plain feeling horny and deluged by my "Swedish" female sexual desire, needing some of the added pleasure that might be provided by the company of a man other than my husband.
I don't know for sure, I guess it didn't make any difference to me who was coming to visit. Starkly put, I just wanted to be fucked by a strange man and I couldn't be too concerned with who it was! After all, beggars can't be choosers. Just as long as I got some hot male pecker stuffed into my aching pussy I'd be just fine. The fact that AC was black wasn't of any real concern for me either.
"A women can only go so long without riding a good size shaft, " I thought.
This guy might just be just what I needed. I'd gone about as long as I wanted to without some sexual excitement in my life.' So I said, "See you at eleven then." Hanging up the receiver I thought, "Oh Liz... what have you got yourself into?" I went back outside with a fresh cup of coffee and just enjoyed the garden and the warm spring day. The thoughts of what might come excited me deep down inside. I could hardly wait to see what would happen. Finally I decided it was time to get myself ready for my midday date. I went back into the house and into the bathroom after pulling a yellow bag out of a dresser drawer in our bedroom.
I douched out with vagina and then, after filling the bag for a second time, I got down on my hands and knees in the tub. Inserting the tip into my ass, I released the hose clamp and administered an enema to myself, cleaning out my rectum. This is something I enjoy doing often. It gives me a sense of sexual arousal in addition to the feeling of being so extra clean inside. After finishing, I hung the bag up to dry and stepped into the shower for a quick a splash. I had noticed the same kind of bag in Karen's bathroom one day while I was snooping around; she had lots of other neat stuff and lots of toys to play with. I wanted to ask her about it but hadn't found the courage to do so yet. Instead I got a vibrator of my own and started using it to see how it felt.
I fixed my hair and applied my makeup, looking in my closet to find the right attire to wear. Suddenly the back door bell rang. Was my guest fifteen minutes early? I wasn't dressed yet but I tossed on my bathrobe to answer it. It was my neighbor Karen.
"Do you have some baking powder Liz?" she asked,
I got the baking powder and, as I handed it to her, my robe fell open enough for her to get a glimpse of my bare breasts. "Liz I need to talk to you, " she said. "I'm making cookies now but when I'm done I want to come over and see you, okay?"
I had to explain to her that I had a guest coming over and that I would be a bit busy. "Well, " she said in a somewhat potty way, "We still need to talk sometime."
After Karen left I slowly walked back to the bedroom. It was then that I came up with a beautiful nutty idea for that lovely spring morning. I put on my black garter belt, black nylon stockings and slipped into my high heels.
At eleven I heard a soft knock at the back door. I had left the door open deliberately after Karen left so that AC could just walk in but he waited for me to respond to his knock. As I walked into the wide-open entryway to receive my guest, the full impact of my greeting him au natural made his eyes go wide. He had not envisioned my being dressed in such a captivating and startling way.
I was only five foot two, with forty D breasts that still were lactating from the baby I'd just had. I had brown hair and green eyes; a one hundred twenty nine pound woman with a slight bit of a belly left over from my recent pregnancy and my skin was as white as snow. Wearing high heels with only a garter belt and hose, I stepped out to exhibit myself naked for the first time to a man I barely knew.
As I stepped into full view in the wide-open back door entrance mostly naked, the nipples of my breasts must have seemed very appetizing to him. I gave my guest an impish grin as he handed me a dozen roses he had picked up at the florist, along with a bottle of blackberry brandy. I threw my arms around his neck and gave him an impassioned French kiss with a lot of tongue action.
I could almost feel Karen's eyes gazing out of her kitchen window to see what was going on and what I was up to. What followed in the inevitable short time we had to spend together was so incredibly fantastic that I never got around to suggesting that we might be more com comfortable in my bedroom.
I escorted AC into the kitchen where I found two glasses for the brandy he had brought. Then finding a vase, I filled it with water, placed the roses in it and put it in the center of the table. Then, with my hands free, I gave him another huge kiss and excused my self, saying that I needed to take care of a small problem. I went to the bathroom where I got out my Encare suppositories. Unwrapping one, I slipped it up into my vagina as deeply as I could. I was surprised at how wet I was from the anticipation of his visit. Returning to my guest I felt confident that I would not become pregnant, should things go that far ... and I was hoping they would. I sure needed it!
Returning to the kitchen, I saw at once that things would indeed get out of hand, my guest was naked from the waist down and was playing with his manhood.
"Oh" I said, "I see you're all ready for me but can we have some wine first?" He pulled out a chair and sat down and I sat on his lap. He put his arm around my waist and started fondling my breasts, squeezing first one nipple then the other and then kissing them. I let out a low moan and told him, "Oh God, does that ever feel good! Keep doing what you're doing." He continued caressing my breasts for some time and that stimulation alone caused me to climax. I had to ask him to stop for a minute so I could recover from it...
We sat there quietly for a minute and then I asked him, "How did you ever get my name, address and phone number?"
"Oh, that was simple. I was working the customer service counter one morning when you came in. You had on a long lightweight skirt and, as you came through the front door of the store, the morning light shown through. From what I could tell, you didn't have any panties on."
It was embarrassing to have this revealed. "Yes, " I said, "I usually just wear g-stings because I don't like wearing panties but I never had any idea someone might be able to see through my skirt in that way."
"Oh yes baby, " he said, "Several of us have observed your good looks and the cute way you kind of wiggle as you walk and the way your breasts bounce. Do you wear a bra?"
Ignoring his question, I said, "Well, how did you ever think that I'd let you come over?"
"Easy, you always seem to go out of your way to find me and initiate a conversation."
"Oh it was that apparent?"
"Sure was baby. It sure was."
"Do any other guys know you called me?"
"Yeah, one other fellow I work with. He would like to meet you as well."
"Oh no, your kidding! You mean it?"
"Sure do Liz!"
"Wow... can you bring him over some time?"
"If you want me to Liz."
"Oh yes... I have been contemplating the idea of having two guys take me at once; I think it would be an overwhelming gratification of my sexual desires."
"What is your husband going to say?"
"Oh I don't dare tell him. He would dump me in a minute and I would be out of her on my backside. You won't say anything will you?"
"You kidding lady? I'm married too."
"Then why did you call me if you're married?"
"Do you want the truth, sweetie?"
"Yes" I replied slowly.
"Baby, you came on to me like you wanted something special. You came on as if you'd be a real easy fuck and, since my wife doesn't like sex, I just thought why not; nothing ventured, nothing gained. So here I am, naked from the waist down, with you setting on my lap. We're drinking wine while I've been playing with your titties and you are about to sit on my really hard dick, which you've been toying with for the past ten minutes."
AC started to run his fingers up and down my back real slow and then up and down the sides of my body.
"Oh that tickles, " I said. He then lowered his mouth to my neck and started to suck. I squirmed and squealed like a little kid. It was wild! All of a sudden he found my clit and went to work on it with his index finger, really rubbing it hard and it felt so good.
I always told Jake, "Oh, not so hard, it hurts, " but I was letting AC get away with it and in no time I was climbing the walls and having another orgasm." I loved it.
Then he told me, "Liz, get your ass down on the floor. I'm going to fuck you!"
I looked at him strangely, thinking this was no place to fuck a woman. I was promptly given a smack on my buttocks and told, "Move it slut, move it!" I did what he said. Rather than risk getting smacked again, I got down on the kitchen carpet in front of him.
He then told me to spread my legs as wide as I could and to raise them up in the air. I did, and he was on his knees between my legs in an instant. He could smell me now, and the way he held my labia open with his thumb and forefinger.... like butterfly wings. His only comment was, "Oh baby, you have some real juicy red meat to suck on." That made me squirm. It was crude the way his tongue poked and plundered my clit. His hot panting breath on my vulnerable inner flesh made me close my eyes as I groaned and muttered dirty words like fuck, cunt and clit, under my breath. He drooled over my off-limits body parts, squeezing my nipples and grasping and spanking my ass checks. Oh man, did I ever want to feel his hot black cock deep inside me. I was not to be kept waiting long. I grinned at him and said "It's ok, you can fuck me now." "You sure baby?"
"Oh yes I'm real sure and I'm ready for it."
AC was breathing hard. "Do I we need a condom?" he asked.
"No!" I responded in almost a desperate sounding voice, "Do it, just fuck me now! You don't need to worry about your load." I never told him that I used protection; that would have taken the thrill out of it. For me, being fucked somehow had to be connected in someway with pregnancy. Otherwise I don't think I could have allowed myself to be on the floor with him about to mount me.
I started to groan as he wriggled his cock against my pussy lips and slowly started pushing. I bit my lips and flinched as he forced the walls of my vagina apart. That's when I sunk my fingernails into his back and let out a loud squeal of enthrallment over what he was doing do me. I widened my legs a much as I could and felt him slip com completely into me. I started to pant as he propelled me from one orgasm to another; never heeding to my requests for a second of rest as wave after wave engulfed me in sexual pleasure, setting in motion the blinding release from sexual frustration I tolerated because of my husbands ineptitude.
He smacked my ass again and again as he fucked into me while I screamed out obscenities at him, feeling the constant banging of his balls of my ass and his finger working its way inside my asshole. His firm grip on my ass cheeks kept them spread wide. I was in ecstasy; oblivious to the world around me as he kissed and sucked on my neck and alternately squeezed, kissed and sucked my nipples. I could feel his cock's deep penetration. It felt as if he were hitting the mouth of my womb. I dug my nails into his back even harder as I hung on and kissed his neck.
I don't know what made me think of it, or what made me do it, but I started to beg him to pull it out before he shot his load so that I wouldn't get pregnant.
That's when he got real aggressive and called me an unadulterated fuckin bitch and said it was too late; that if he knocked me up it was my own damn responsibility because he had asked me if he needed a condom.
I loved it! I had never been talked to like this before.
AC started to grunt and groan and cried "Oh shit baby, I can't hold it any longer."
I yelled at him, "Oh God you're going to get me pregnant aren't you? Aren't you?"
"I guess so sweetheart." His back stiffened and his hips thrust forward even harder as he drove his cock into me for the last few strokes. Then it was over.
For ten or maybe fifteen seconds I felt his semen pumping into my womb as his balls banged off my ass. My arms locked my around his neck as he went off and I was biting on his neck. "God, that was good Liz, that was so very good." he said as he rolled off me and slumped down exhausted beside me. "You are one good woman to fuck. You missed your calling; you should be a fucken whore. You're one great peace of ass lady, a lot better than I thought you'd be."
I grinned at him and said, "Well thank you. Do you really mean that?"
"I sure do baby, can we do this again soon?"
"I think so, " I responded.
He got up off the floor, put his pants and shoes on and then said, "I hate to leave, it was a great experience."
I said "Yes it was." Then I asked, "Maybe next time we'd be more com comfortable in my bedroom."
"Guess you're right." Then he said "Bye" and walked out the door.
As I turned and went into my bedroom to get a robe, I reached down to feel between my legs. My clit was still swollen and so sensitive! I wished we could have kissed and talked a little longer and maybe had a cup of coffee afterward. Oh well, maybe next time.
I went into the bathroom to wash up when I thought I heard the door close again but I ignored it. Not long after that I heard Karen yelling at the back door. I walked to the kitchen naked to let her in. Karen was used to seeing me naked since we are also lovers.
"What the hell goes on with you, letting a black guy fuck you like that?" she demanded.
Before I could answer she said, "You look a mess! Did you know your breasts have black and blue marks on them? You've got teeth marks and hickeys on the side of your neck! What the hell have you been doing with that guy anyway?"
"He wants me to be his whore!"
"Your not going to, are you?" Karen asked; then she saw the money on the table.
"Where did this come from? Sixty dollars, did he give you that?"
"I guess he did, " I grinned at her. Then I explained about hearing what I thought was the door just before she came in. "I guess he experienced such good sex he felt a tip was justified! I must smell; let me take a shower and then I'll take you to lunch."
At lunch Karen divulged a secret to me, "Liz, ever since Leon and I had sex a few years ago I have been seeing all kinds of black guys and getting paid for it. Why don't you let me become your madam, I can find you all kinds of black guys looking for white tits and pussy and they will pay good for the privilege.
"Karen I'm a little sore right now, let me think it over, " I replied. About four mouths passed and I was still fucking with A.. C. but found a trip to my doctors office was necessitated to conform my feeling. I was very pregnant and it was three mouths later that I found out I was to have A.C. and my twins. I had no idea what I was going to tell my husband.
liz4u46dd yahoo liz4u46dd yahoo
Over the Years"Giving someone especially a black man I care about and have strong feels towards pleasure is pleasure in itself. I've done a lot of white guys fifty or more, but many more black men, over two hundred, who didn't do anything to me but I still enjoyed it with them. I got them off one way or another and truly enjoyed doing it. I love making love to a man's body riding their cock bare with out the use of birth control or condoms and I love how much they appreciate what I can do and I love what they can do for me in return. Make me pregnant with child."

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